Preparing for a General Election

The law to stop a No-Deal Brexit has now been successfully passed by Parliament.

As soon as the prorogument of Parliament ends on 14th October (hopefully sooner), a way must now be found to force Boris Johnson to seek an extension to Article 50. This extension date needs to be well beyond 1st January 2020, which is the date that the EU's Anti Tax Avoidance Directive comes into effect.

Why? Read this article:

Once Article 50 has been extended, Jeremy Corbyn has said that he will agree to Johnson's request to hold a General Election.

There will be many distractions over the next few weeks as MPs and political parties unite to try to force Johnson to resume parliament sooner and to #StopTheCoup.

We must not lose sight of our preparation for a General Election. This is really the only way that Britain can 'take back control' of its future and #StopBrexit, once and for all.

Together we CAN stop Brexit!

For a Pro-Remain General Election Tactical Voting Strategy to achieve the best possible result in enabling a People's Vote (or the outright revocation of Article 50), we need to massively increase our reach.

In the three weeks leading up to the EU Elections in May, we had almost 400,000 followers of our voting strategy and achieved a fantastic result for the Pro-EU parties.


UPDATE: has reached over 3.4 million in the past 28 days!

Thank you ALL for reading, liking and, most importantly, SHARING our Facebook posts!

Together we CAN stop Brexit!


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