The Liberal Democrats Leadership Election Together we can STOP BREXIT!

#RevokeArticle50  #PeoplesVote  #StopBrexit  #RemainEU 

If you're a member of the Liberal Democrats, you'll receive your ballot paper by 1st July. Votes will be counted on 23rd July and the new leader will be declared that evening.

Our preferred candidate is: JO SWINSON

Swinson says: "The Liberal Democrats started the People's Vote movement. Month by month more and more MPs from other parties came on board. The way forward is to work with others. I want us to reach beyond our current base and bring on board the millions of people who 1) want to stop Brexit, 2) understand that immigration is good for Britain and the economy, and 3) want to tackle the climate emergency."


Shortly after Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt get the keys to No 10, it is inevitable that either Pro-EU Tory MPs or Jeremy Corybyn will call a no-confidence vote and force a General Election.

Therefore, we need to prepare for this NOW.

We want to massively increase our page and group member numbers so that the Tactical Voting Strategy can reach as many Remainers as possible.

In the three weeks leading up to the EU Elections, we had almost 400,000 visits to our Strategic Voting webpage. We want to achieve at least 20 times this for a General Election.

A £1 donation spent on Facebook advertising attracts about 40 new page and group members.

Therefore, if you are able to, please help by donating to our Facebook Advertising Campaign.