EU Elections:

How You Can Help


Most of the emails and messages we receive are from people asking what they can do to help make a success of the EU elections for the Remain cause. How can they best spend their free time in the next few days, leading up to the elections?

The answer is quite simple: help spread the word, and don't be put off or discouraged by those who don't see the big picture.

Our experience has shown that for every ten people who "get it", there is always that one person who will not budge and will zap your energy if you try to convince them otherwise. Getting into arguments is not the way. Yes, it's sad that all Remainers can't get behind a single message and put their party preferences aside for these election, but they are seemingly lessening as we move closer to 23rd May.

What do we mean by "spread the word"?

The most basic ways are:

  1. Invite your Remain friends to join our Facebook group
  2. Share our Group posts on your Facebook wall
  3. Change your Facebook profile picture to our "Pro-EU Stategic Voting" pic:
  4. Change your Facebook cover picture to our "Pro-EU Strategic Voting/Let's Vote Together" pic:
  5. Support those who are doing all of the above, by liking their posts, liking and reinforcing their comments and generally just being kind. One thing that we will always have over Brexit supporters, in general, is kindness and courtesy.
  6. Never give up! It's easy to lose hope and to feel disempowered when it seems that our world has gone crazy around us. But, despite the loud-mouthed, heavy-handed tactics of Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party supporters, all the latest polls show that we Remainers are the majority. We simply need to show this in the EU election results. Polite perseverance pays. Honesty and integrity will prevail.
  7. Vote strategically on 23rd May:

The Brexit Party has received huge donations to fund its advertising and marketing campaign for the EU Elections.

In order to mass-market the Pro-EU Voting Strategy, we need your help