Pics & Hashtags

To help promote the Pro-EU Voting Strategy, we have put together the following profile pics, cover pics and hashtags for you to use and share on social media.

Facebook Profile Pics:

Please put

"Vote Strategically on 23rd May:"

in your Profile Pic description.

Facebook Cover Pics:

Please put

"Vote Strategically on 23rd May:"

in your Cover Pic description.


#PeoplesVote #RemainEU #EUandMe

How To Best Comment On Facebook & Twitter Posts:

Please share the Pro-EU Voting Strategy by replying to relevant Facebook and Twitter posts with any of the following:

"Vote strategically on 23rd May:"

"To defeat Farage on 23rd May, we need to vote strategically:"

"To win this, we need to shake up the status quo and follow the strategy that will get the best results:"

"Send a clear message to May and Corbyn on 23rd May by voting strategically:"

"The Brexiters have one solid party to vote for. Therefore, we MUST vote strategically on 23rd May to defeat Farage:"

"No amount of analysis of past voting data or new poll results is going to win this. Without a solid strategy, we will all vote differently and hand victory to Nigel Farage. We need to lead this and shake up the status quo by voting strategically on 23rd May:"

"We have less than [X] days to get our act together. Otherwise, we hand victory to the Brexit Party. Vote strategically on 23rd May:"

"You can keep telling us how well [2014 MEP] has been doing in your area. We get it, but it won't win it. This EU election is completely different from 2014. It has a theme - to force a People's Vote. We have to put pragmatism before party loyalty to win this! Vote strategically on 23rd May:"

"In the 2014 EU Elections, only 8 Pro-EU MEPs in the UK won seats. Out of a total of 73! It was a landslide victory for UKIP and the other Eurosceptic MEPs. There was no strategy back then. Today we have one: We CAN defeat Farage on 23rd May!"

The Brexit Party has received huge donations to fund its advertising and marketing campaign for the EU Elections.

In order to mass-market the Pro-EU Voting Strategy, we need your help