The EU Elections


Our sole objective is to bring you the voting strategy that will most likely result in a Pro-Remain MEP majority in the 2019 EU Elections. Achieving this will send a clear message to the British government - that the will of the people has changed and that we demand a People's Vote with the option to Remain in the EU.


Hint: be prepared to vote like you have never voted before!

It is important not to confuse who you would vote for in a UK General Election with who you should vote for in the EU Elections. These elections are not about voting for UK government leadership, so it is time to put your feelings aside and unite to vote for the strongest Pro-EU party in your region in order to win the most number of Pro-Remain MEP seats.

Our objective is to bring you the strategy for achieving this.

The main Pro-EU parties in the UK are:

Liberal Democrats
Change UK
Green Party
Scottish National Party (Scotland)
Plaid Cymru (Wales)
SDLP (Northern Ireland)
Alliance (Northern Ireland)

No opinion polls are showing that these Pro-EU parties, on their own, are achieving enough of a majority to win MEP seats over Pro-Brexit parties. This is entirely because Remainer preference is split between all these parties. We have to change this!

So far, The Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, is the only party that is running with a clear message and, within just a few days of its launch, has already taken the lead.

In the next few days, we will be bringing you the strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome in the EU Elections for the Remain cause.

In the meantime, please complete these 5 simple steps, below:


  1. REGISTER to vote here before 7 MAY. (EU Citizens living in UK, go here)
  2. JOIN our Facebook Group so that we can quickly inform when the Pro-EU Voting Strategy is released.
  3. SHARE this website far and wide
  4. SHARE our Brexit Campaign Scandal page with Brexiters who could possibly be swayed to Remain.
  5. VOTE on 23 May! Find your local polling station here.

Russell Shows Us How EASY It Is To Register To Vote

Thank You For Your Support

We want the outcome of the European Parliament Elections to send a powerful message to the UK political parties that supporting and campaigning for a People’s Vote is the best route to electoral success.