Tactical Voting for the 2019 General Election

There are THREE reputable Tactical Voting websites:


(by Best For Britain)


(by Gina Miller)


(by Tactical2017)

These sites are updating their recommendations daily, based on Remain pact announcements, commissioned research data and latest poll results.

RemainEU.org is working hard to unify the recommendations in order to avoid splitting the Remain vote.

Join our Inner Circle, below, to receive final Tactical Voting recommendations, prior to the 12th December 2019.

FAKE Tactical Voting Website:

WWW.TACTICAL.VOTE - This site has no visible ownership and appears to have been set up by either a Leave organization or by a Pro-Brexit tribal Labour Party support group. Their recommendations claim to be based solely on 2017 Electoral Data, which, in itself, is extremely unwise as the political landscape has changed significantly since then. Particularly because, in the 2017 snap election, many Remainers supported Labour in the hope that they would wholeheartedly back Remain. Since then, as shown in both the 2019 EU Elections and Local Elections, Labour Party support has significantly reduced in favour of 100% Remain parties, such as the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, SNP and Green Party.

UPDATE: RemainEU.org has reached over 3.4 million in the past 28 days!

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